Golf has been played for a long time. It has evolved over the years from being played with a bent stick and all leather ball to golf clubs made for particular swings. It is the men who have changed the game of golf. events in birmingham has golf for the pro's as well as the amateurs.

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The ten most famous golfers of all time are;

1. Jack Nicklaus-Known as the Golden Bear, Jack had 73 wins in his career which included 19 major championships. He won the Masters six times with twenty-three years between the first victory and the last victory. He had four grand slams in his career making him the most dominate golfer in history.

2. Tiger Woods-Until one night in November Tiger Woods would have been the number one most famous golfer of all time. If he had kept playing as he was before that night he would have passed Jack Nicholas with the most majors ever won.

3. Ben Hogan-His claim to fame is his almost perfect golf swing. He spent more time than any other golfers practicing his swing. In 1953 Hogan lost only one of the six tournaments he played in. When his career ended he has nine major championships to his name.

4. Walter Hagan-He is most known for being the first American to win a British Open Championship. Prior to turning pro at the age of twenty he was just shy of wining a grand slam. The only tournament he did not win was the Masters.

5. Gary Player-He was nicknamed the Black Knight because he always wore black on the golf course. He is the only non-American to win a grand slam. He has over 165 wins on six continents. He has also written several books and owns a thoroughbred race farm.

6. Sam Snead-He has the most PGA victories 82 of them along with three Masters and one US Open. He is best known as the only man to win a women's tournament.

7. Bobby Jones-What makes Bobby stand out is that he never turned pro. He won several championships but stopped playing in tournaments when he was 28. Even though he stopped playing competitively he helped to design the Augusta National golf course.

8. Arnold Palmer-He was a player known for an ugly swing. Arnie won seven majors with four Masters titles yet he never made a grand slam because he never won a PGA Championship.

9. Tom Watson-He was one of the most dominate players in the seventies and eighties. He won eight majors which include five Open Championships. He is another one that came close but never made a grand slam.

10. Bryon Nelson- He played from 1935-1946 and won fifty-two times including five championships which include being a two time winner of the Masters and the PGA. If he had won an Open he would have been eligible for a grand slam.
Not only are these the ten greatest golfers of all time they are also the most influential.